Plein Air Painting in Oil with Carlos San Millàn

This Carlos San Millàn online painting demonstration is a unique opportunity to witness the artist's creative process firsthand. During this exclusive session, Carlos will demonstrate his painting techniques, showcasing his use of light, color, and mark-making. Participants will gain insights into his approach to composition and brushwork, focusing on how to achieve unity and coherence. This painting demonstration is designed for artists who are eager to learn, and enhance their painting technique. This event marks the first time Carlos San Millàn is sharing his artistic process in this way, making it a unique and valuable learning experience.

  • Concise, Focused Demonstration: Dive into a 1-hour intensive demonstration with Carlos San Millàn, packed with valuable insights and techniques. Filmed in the Tuscan countryside.

  • Suitable for beginner to advanced artists: accessible and informative for all skill levels

  • Lifetime Access: Once purchased, you will have lifetime access to this demo, allowing you to rewatch and learn at your own pace

  • Original Spanish Narration with Multilingual Subtitles: Choose from English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Portuguese

  • Complementary Handbook: Downloadable and printable PDF that complements the techniques and insights demonstrated by Carlos

  • Reference photos to paint from

  • Option to join and engage with other creatives in our community section

Color & Light | Plein Air Painting in Oil

with Carlos San Millàn

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What this Demonstration covers and what you will learn!

In this one-hour online painting demonstration, Carlos San Millàn reveals his approach to creating an alla prima impressionist landscape painting. Dive deep into his process, which focuses on acheiving paintings with unity and coherence. Watch Carlos, and gain insights into using chroma and light effectively. See how Carlos uses brushstrokes and mark-making inorder to enrich and enhance his paintings. These techniques can be learned and used to paint landscapes, as well as the interior and exterior of buildings, and portraits. This demonstration is suitable for any artists looking to learn new skills and enhance their painting technique.

What's included in Carlos San Millàn's demonstration?

Start-to-Finish Demonstration: Witness Carlos' process as he paints the landscape alla prima, from deciding on the composition, to adding the final touches in the studio.

Personal Artistic Journey: Gain inspiration from Carlos' own story, learning about his journey in the art world and the experiences that have shaped his unique style.

Practical Application: Participants will have access to reference photos taken of the same landscape Carlos paints from, providing an opportunity to practice and apply the demonstrated techniques at their own pace.

Lifetime Access and Multilingual Subtitles: Enjoy the flexibility of lifetime access to this painting demonstration, available with subtitles in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Portuguese.

Engagement with a Community of Artists: Share your progress and connect with fellow artists in the Community Section. This interactive platform is a great place to exchange ideas, and receive feedback from other creatives. 

Video Overview

  1. 1
    • Carlos San Millán's artistic evolution

  2. 2
    • Painting Demonstration - Light and Color: An Impressionist Approach

  3. 3
    • Art Escape Italy Retreat

Carlos San Millàn

Meet your instructor for this workshop

Carlos San Millàn was born in in Spain, in 1969. Since graduating from the University of Basque Country in Bilbao, Spain in 1995, he worked as a freelance illustrator for 10 years before becoming a professional painter. Carlos later attended Architecture School, followed by Art School, it was here that he honed his drawing skills and developed a certain love for built spaces (such as interiors and gardens) which have become his usual painting subjects. ​ You can see more of Carlos' artwork below:
Carlos San Millan artist